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  Town of Ripton
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  Ripton, VT 05766-0010

Ripton Fire & First Response



Ripton Fire & First Response is an all voulnteer fire department dedicated to meeting the needs of our community. Non-emergency contact information:

Ripton Fire Station: 25 Dugway Road (off Lincoln Road near the elementary school; see map),
Mailing address: PO Box 125, Ripton VT 05766  388-4506

Fire Chief: Erik Eriksen  388-3629 or

Assistant Chief: Roland McGlashan  388-7080

As discussed at the 2012 Town Meeting, if you have specific needs and desires regarding the care you want to receive during a medical crisis, you need to complete a DNR/COLST form and have it readily available in your home for emergency personnel to find. (DNR/COLST stands for Clinician Orders for DNR/CPR and Other Life Sustaining Treatment.) Download the form here, fill it out with your doctor and post it on your refrigerator or other easy-to-find location. This form is in addition to an "advanced directive". Contact Ripton Fire and First Response with your questions, or visit the Vermont Department of Health website.

Officers & Members
  Erik Eriksen
  Roland McGlashan Assistant Chief
  Jay Harrington Assistant Chief
  Ross Elliot Captain
  Will Mathis Captain
  Ceredwyn Alexander Captain, EMT
  Devon Karpak Firefighter
  Gwenneth Alexander Firefighter
  Erica Goodin Firefighter, EMT
  Marty Kulczyk Firefighter
  Brad Mathews Firefighter
  Emily Mathews EMT
  Mark Nelson EMT
  Ed Sullivan EMT
  Sophie McKibben EMT
  Justin Allen Firefighter
  Reid Peck Firefighter
  Alison Joseph Assistant
  Dorothy Gelinas



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